Doron Marcu

CEO, Founder

As founder of RomIT Project SRL, Doron brings over 30 years of consulting, software development, management and leadership experience to the company.

In previous roles as consultant he and his companies supported the big players in the respective domains, like e.g. pharma, aviation, defence and space or transportation.

In the last years he focused his activities on business intelligence and in special on Dundas. This led to successful Dundas implementations on worldwide scale.

Today as CEO, Doron offers his team an experienced leader and his customers a solution driven and customer oriented partner. He is always with visions for the next upcoming challenges.

Doron Marcu
Corvin Timofte

Corvin Timofte

Managing Partner

Corvin is an executive of the company with a proven track record building successful teams and delivering quality enterprise projects.

He leads the development and support team with a commitment to delivering industry-leading customer turnkey BI solutions and excellent customer satisfaction.

Prior to joining RomIT in 2014, he held various management and consulting roles for corporates in different business sectors.

Corvin holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and a Master’s degree in Information Security.